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Stuff I've been cooking

Fall Equinox edition

Welcome to the inaugural episode of WHAT! HAS! KALE! BEEN! EATING!, which is going to be a regular occurrence here because my life is nothing but a series of meals interspersed by other less important obligations. I also get the pleasure of trying to describe my food in words!

I'm still going through the five stages of grief from the loss of my beautiful, perfect, beloved Palisade peaches. On the other hand, it's finally starting to cool off, which means that I can run my oven without my apartment also turning into an oven. Joy cannot exist without suffering.

Corn: The Cornening

I've been buying corn by the bucketload at the farmer's market and freezing it for colder, sadder, cornless days. I made two corn pasta dishes in the last month. For one, I cooked the corn with green onion whites and pureed it into a sauce, then added more kernels for texture. For the other, I threw a large handful of kernels into buttered noodles and called it a day.

Pros and cons of corn sauce: Maximum corn, but requires me to get out the blender, and then I have to clean the blender :(

Pros and cons of just using the kernels: Corn flavor stands out more, but if I'm bad at balancing my bites, I might end up with no corn left and just noodles, which is sad :(

Fortunately, I have so much corn bagged at this point that I don't have to choose, so everything should balance out in the long run.

A shrimp scampi'd this scampi?

Great recipe! I used vegan butter and subbed the wine for vegetable broth because I don’t feel like buying cooking wine. Also, I keep forgetting to buy red pepper flakes, so I just used an inappropriate amount of italian seasoning. Also, I’m eating it with couscous and broccoli for some inexplicable reason.

Crimes against pizza

Preparing homemade pizza crust is fun when I want to do it, but I'm tired, so I don't want to, and I barely have the counter space to roll out a pizza crust. But then I found this recipe, and I was filled with morbid intrigue.


It worked, and the crust is shockingly pizza-adjacent despite being one step removed from pancake batter. It's thin but sturdy, and the texture is pretty good - a bit chewier than real crust, but it's virtually impossible to notice when all the toppings are going into your mouth with it. I can eat pizza whenever I want now. I am a changed man.

Beautiful banana bread

Do YOU have a freezer bag filled to the brim with overripe bananas in your freezer? No? Just a me thing?

Well. If anyone cares, you can use frozen bananas in banana bread. I put the recipe (along with additional notes) on my website.


Everyone wants to be ramen

Emboldened by the success of the pizza, I looked for another unethical and blasphemous food experiment to try. Apparently, any run-of-the-mill wheat noodle can be transmorgrified into ramen if baking soda is mixed into its water. Oh, there's no way. There's absolutely no way--

It worked. I am still shocked at how easy this process was.

I fixed up bok choy and green onion-infused oil to put in the soup, along with some of the infamous corn. I used preprepared ginger miso broth that I got from Trader Joe's, so the entire thing took as long as the slowest component, which was the cooking of the noodles (so, approximately 10 minutes). You do have to babysit the noodles to make sure they don't go over (the baking soda makes them very soft and chewy) but it's a small price to pay for easy ramen that's a bit fancier than instant.

Oatmealing your cookies

I had a hankering for oatmeal raisin cookies, the best cookie, today, but the store was out of raisins. I got craisins instead because I love cranberries, and there's no reason another dried fruit wouldn't work in an oatmeal cookie. This ended up being for the better - the craisins add an extra bit of tartness to the cookies that the raisins are missing.

Everything managed to come together in under an hour. I've eaten 3 already. I'm making these again. 10000/10



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