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Magic cookies

As usual, I bought bananas thinking I would be able to eat them before they went ripe and, as usual, paid for my hubris and ended up with 3 overripe bananas. I didn't feel like putting in the effort to make banana bread, but Curi sent me this "magic cookie" recipe from 1985 as popularized by Dylan Hollis:


I made the cookies mostly as written (3 cups of oats for 3 bananas) and added cinnamon and craisins for fun. This sure did produce things that are more or less the texture of oatmeal cookies - good enough for me, anyway, and definitely worth not going through the trouble of making real cookies. They're not dry at all!

Despite my bananas being horrendously brown, these are still just barely sweet enough to qualify as cookies. They're a little bland, but the craisins help a lot. I don't mind it, and I think they'll be great breakfast treats instead of dessert! I'll throw in a little maple syrup and salt and increase the amount of cinnamon next time I make them and that should fix the blandness problem.


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