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Locust cider thoughts

I love Locust ciders, and I've tried enough of the flavors to make a semi-substantial post commenting on them.

Berry Blues

Surprisingly good, considering I'm not a huge fan of things with blueberries that are not fresh blueberries. You mostly get blueberry and vanilla from this - I got virtually no hibiscus, which is a little disappointing because I love hibiscus.


It just tastes like blackberries. I don't know how they did that. Somehow, it is very fruity and juicy-tasting while still being dry.


Somehow, this makes you feel like you're drinking warm chai even though it's a cold cider and there is no actual tea in there. The apple goes really well with the spices, and there's some vanilla in there that really ties the whole thing together. It's like fall in a cup. I bought a 6 pack of this one yesterday.

Dark Cherry

I don't love the cherry and I'm not sure why. I think it might be the fact that this is *dark* cherry? I prefer Rainier cherries because they're a bit brighter than Bing cherries.

Dark Maple

Tastes like apples and maple. It does what it has to do. I like this one, but it wasn't my favorite for reasons I can't explain. I think it would be my favorite if they didn't have a lot of flavors that are just better.

Honey Pear

I get more honey than pear from this one. It's good, but I don't find it particularly outstanding compared to the others.

Juicy Peach

Tastes like peaches. I love it. Nothing else to say about that. It's a summery drink for sure, but it's robust enough for me to want to drink it all year. Good thing it's not seasonal!


The mojito is kind of weird. The mint flavor is... interesting. I'm still not sure if I like that or not.

Vanilla Bean

Tastes like a fancy adult cream soda. I'm surprised they call this one sweet because I think some of the "semi-sweet" fruity flavors are sweeter. It's not as dessert-y as the name would suggest.


I didn't expect the watermelon to be so good! It tastes like Sour Patch watermelon candy to me. It's something I would want with me on a summer picnic.


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