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Currently inked: February

I still remember this exists...

Anyway, I just refilled some pens, so here's what I'm currently dealing with for this month. And probably a few months after that.

Platinum Plaisir: Diamine Pick Me Up

I have learned that scented inks are very finicky. Despite that, I love this color (brown with green sheen), and I like wet inks, so I actually don't mind the behavior too much. I like how it looks in this pen in particular because the nib puts down a pretty generous amount of ink.

Platinum Preppy: Diamine Evergreen

This pen is currently cartridge filled, so I have been working on finishing up Evergreen for the last few months. I'm not complaining because I love this ink, and it sheens surprisingly well out of this pen despite the fine nib.

Sailor Compass 1911: Diamine Safari

I originally tried to ink this pen with R&K Alt-Goldgrun because the ink matches the body color really well, but the nib is very thin and a little dry, so it looked really light and I didn't like it at all. Safari is a darker color in the same hue (ish), so it gives me the matching look I like without being frustratingly hard to read. Success!

TWSBI Eco: Diamine Writer's Blood

I recently emptied this pen out at last. I thought long and hard about what to put in it next... and ended up refilling it with the same ink it had before. This color is unbeatable, and it looks like a million bucks out of a wet writer like the Eco. So we will continue using it for another few months!

Waterman Laureat: Montblanc Burgundy Red

This is a vintage pen, so I've been hesitant about using a lot of inks in it for fear of fucking it up. I had no qualms about using a Montblanc ink in it (if it's nice enough for a pen that costs more than a grand, it's nice enough for this one), so that is what it gets this time around. I had originally had it inked with Waterman Serenity Blue, which I love, but Burgundy Red meshes much better with the general ink palette I have going on.


I swear I have inks from other brands besides Diamine.


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