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21 pen questions

I like answering questions. It scratches the same itch as those stone-age social media surveys.

21 pen questions

1. What is the pen they’ll have to pry out of your cold dead hands?

My Waterman Laureat. It's not the most expensive or flashy pen, but it was passed on to me from my mom, so it has some history and a lot of sentimental value. I'm not one to keep things solely for sentimental value, though - it's also just an objectively good writing experience!

2. What’s your guilty pleasure pen?

I don't associate guilt with any of my pens! When I think of guilty pleasures, I think of stuff I'd feel bad/embarrassed to be associated with, and I can't think of anything that applies there.

3. What’s the pen you wish existed?

I'm still waiting for a pen with slightly transparent dark olive green resin and gold hardware. It would look so good. Like the Sailor 1911 Golden Olive, but a little darker and more opaque. And no glitter. (Sorry!)

4. What pen would you give to a new enthusiast?

I don't own a LAMY Safari myself (mostly because I'm waiting for a color that I like), but I think it's a great starter pen option. It looks nice, it's inexpensive enough that someone wouldn't be afraid of using it, and the interchangeable nibs are a nice perk when you're trying to try on nibs.

5. What pen do you want to get along with but it just never clicked?

I want to like the Kaweco Sport, but I can't get over how cheap the plastic body feels, and I don't care for the design much. I know the AL version takes care of my issues with the body, but I can't spend so much money on a pen whose design I can... maybe tolerate. I still go back and forth on the design.

6. What pen do you only keep only because its pretty?

The Sailor Compass 1911 is a lovely pen, but I really don't like how it writes (even after fixing a nib manufacturing flaw that choked off ink flow). It's too fine and dry. I wouldn't buy it again. I try to use it anyway since I'm keeping it around - wetter and darker inks have helped.

7. What pen (or stationery product) did you buy because everyone else did?

I don't buy popular products that I don't really want, so pass!

8. What pen (or stationery product) is over your head or just baffles you?

Tomoe River paper. I understand that people like how it makes ink look, but it's just so impractical (long dry time, you can't use both sides of it) that it surprises me that people put up with it!

9. What pen (or stationery product) surprised you?

I was surprised at how much I like stub nibs. I didn't think they'd work with my writing style since I write in 75% cursive. They surprised me again when I learned I get architect-style writing out of them instead of, well, what stub nib writing is supposed to look like.

10. What pen doesn’t really work for you but you keep it because it’s a collectible?

I don't buy anything to have "as a collectible," so pass!

11. What is your favorite sparkly pen (or ink)?

My favorite sparkly pen/ink combo isn't fountain pen-related at all - it's the Sakura Gelly Roll. Those pens have yet to disappoint me; they work in pretty much any situation.

12. Which nib do you love – but hate the pen?

I haven't run into a pen where I like the nib and not the pen! I prioritize nib quality, but not to the extent that I'd buy a pen that I hate the rest of. For the reverse, see #6.

13. What pen (or stationery product) gives you the willies?

The Kaweco Sport again. This is 100% psychological, but it feels so uncomfortably light to hold! It just doesn't feel right.

14. What’s your favorite pen for long form writing?

I don't do long form writing, unless writing notes and answer keys counts! I like the medium Platinum steel nib for that. It puts out so much ink, so it's really comfortable to write with when I'm trying to cram an entire unit of notes into one afternoon.

15. What pen (or stationery product) do you love in theory but not in practice?

I like the look of the Sailor Pro Gear pens, but I just don't like how Sailors write. They're too dry, and the nibs don't feel like anything special. Maybe I just don't get it!

16. What pen (or stationery product) would you never let someone else use?

I'm stingy and won't let other people use any of my pens that cost more than $30 if they're not familiar with fountain or dip pens already. If someone already knows what they're doing, I'd be fine with them trying out anything in my collection; I'd be hesitant to loan out my pens, though.

17. What pen (or stationery product) would you never use for yourself?

I'd never use a retractable fountain pen. I think they're cool, but I've never been in a situation where I'm like "Wow, I sure wish I didn't have to spend 2 seconds unscrewing the cap of this pen!"

18. What pen (or stationery product) could you NOT bring yourself to buy?

I don't think I could ever buy a Montblanc pen. I've tried the Meisterstuck, it writes beautifully, but it's just so terrifyingly expensive. I don't think I could bring myself to use it (or any other Montblanc) even if I found the money and willpower to buy it.

19. What’s your favorite vintage pen?

My only vintage pen is the Waterman Laureat, so it has to be that one, but there's good reason! It writes unlike any other pen I have, and I think the design is cute. I'm seriously considering tracking down some more in different sizes. I'd like to start getting more seriously into vintage pens in general.

20. What is your favorite EDC/pocket pen?

The Platinum Plaisir is my favorite EDC pen because it's durable and I love how it writes, but it's inexpensive enough that I wouldn't feel especially upset if anything happened to it. (I'd still be upset, but I'd rather lose a sub-$20 easily replaceable pen than something more expensive or hard to get.) I also like to carry the Platinum Preppy around for the same reason, but the Plaisir has more display value.

21. What’s the pen (or stationery product) that got away?

I try not to think about FOMO. If I'm considering something and it disappears before I buy it, I decide it wasn't meant to be and leave it at that. There will always be something else!

(That being said, I am a little mad that I started collecting fountain pens after the 2022 LAMY Safari release because both of those colors are right up my alley.)


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